Affiliated to Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
KCES's Moolji Jaitha College Campus Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India - 425001

About   Library

K.C.E. Society’s college of education is established in 1965. At that time library was very small unit having 683 books only. Every year books are being added to the library. The college library is supported by UGC grants.

The library is the oldest and one of the largest library in education faculty in the Khandesh Region of North Maharashtra.

Now the college library has 26170 books including reference books on various subjects. Library has 300 reference books including 35 Encyclopedias. Library is also having collection of books on “Eminent Indian Personalities”.

Library is subscribing 30 Journals on education. Out of those 30 journals. 09 journals are in Marathi. Languages & 21 Journals are in English Languages. Library also subscribes NLIST by INFLIBNET. Library is having good collection of CD also.

Library is Research center for the research scholars i.e. Ph.D., M.Phil, M.Ed., M.A. [Edu.] Library is having Research Cell with rich, old, important, authentic sources for research scholars.

Reading Room facility is also there. Seating capacity of Reading Room is 35 students. In reading Room there is also one cupboard of books which are needed in daily routine work. Those books are provided to the students, for reference only. The charge of reading room has given to one ‘Earn & Learn’ student.

The library offers open access to post graduate students so that they could choose the books they like to read on their own.

The library is fully Automated and uses SOUL 3.0 Software.

Sr. No. Name Designation Position Held
1 Dr. A. R. Rane Principal Chairman
2 Mr. M. M. Wankar Librarian Secretary
3 Dr. V. S. Chaudhari Lecturer Member
4 Dr. R. R. Sonawane Lecturer Member
5 Mr. N. C. Naik Accountant Member
6 Mr. M. B. Chaudhari Computer Technician Member

About Library
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