Khandesh College Education Society's
College Of Education and Physical Education, JALGAON
Affiliated to Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
KCES's Moolji Jaitha College Campus Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India - 425001

About K.C.E.Society

Khandesh College Education Society is established in the 1944. The society are running various Educational institutions. Khandesh College Education Society was only possible with zealous and ardent efforts of Late Dr. G.D. Bendale. It was his fervour and commitment that has made Khandesh College Education Society as what we see today. His vision of things was unparalleled and so was his practical and hands-off approach, which helped the next generation of equally capable leadership to develop Khandesh College Education Society. His legacy endures, Khandesh College Education Society continues to offer broad-based and student oriented courses ranging from liberal arts to engineering and classes from KG to PG.

Today, Khandesh College Education Society is an eminent educational institution in Maharashtra occupying 26 acres of land and thousands of square feet of buildings and facilities with combined student strength more than 20000 students.

The Khandesh College Education Society imparts a broad, balanced as well as professional education to students which has as its mission the attainment of international distinction in education, scholarship, and public service. As the leading educational institution of Khandesh Region, Khandesh College Education Society combines a responsibility for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge. It offers an extensive range of academic programs in the teacher education, liberal arts, sciences, engineering and the professions. Khandesh College Education Society provides accessible, high-quality undergraduate and post graduate education for qualified students who are able to benefit from a scholarly environment in which research inspires and informs teaching.

Managing Council

Sr. No Photo Name Designation
01 Shri Nandkumar Gopal Bendale President
02 Adv. Prakash Baskar Patil Vice President
03 Adv. Sitaram Sravan Falak Secretary
04 Adv. Pramod Ninu Patil Joint Secretary
05 Shri Harish Shamlal Milwani Member
06 Shri Charudatta Shridhar Gokhale Member
07 Shri Laxmikant Tukaram Chaudhari Member
08 Shri Sudhir Gopal Bendale Member
09 Shri Dnyandeo Totaram Patil Treasurer
10 Dr. Sau. Minakshi Vijaykumar Waykole Member
11 Dr. Harshwardhan Arvind Jawale Member
12 Shri Shrikant Sitaram Maniyar Member
13 Dr. Sanjay Narayan Bharambe Ex.Officio Member

Our Branches

We all of Khandesh College Education Society, celebrate and learn from our diversity and we value individual differences. Academic freedom is defended within an environment of civility, tolerance, and mutual respect. We are associated with different educational institutions run by K.C.E.Society, Jalgaon

1) Moolji Jaitha College, Jalgaon (Autonomous Status)
2) Institute of Management and Research, Jalgaon
3) S.S.Maniyar Law College, Jalgaon
4) K.C.E.S. College of Engineering and Information Technology, Jalgaon
5) Jala-SRI : Watershed Surveillance & Research Institute, Jalgaon
6) Eklavya Sports Academy, Jalgaon
7) A.T.Zambre High School, Jalgaon
8) Orion English Medium School, Jalgaon
9) Orion CBSE English Medium School, Jalgaon
10) Guruvarya P. V. Patil Primary School, Jalgaon
11) Pre-primary School (Kilbil) , Jalgaon
12) Soham Department of Yoga & Naturopathy, Jalgaon
13) Post Graduate College of Science & Technology, Jalgaon
14) Dnyanjyot Institute of Competitive Excellence, Jalgaon
15) Adhyapak Vidyalaya, Jalgaon
16) Spark Design & Print Services, Jalgaon
17) Spark Institute of Multimedia & Printing Technology, Jalgaon
18) Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Skill Development Centre, Jalgaon

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