Message from President :

The progress in the technological inventions contributed to material prosperity and is giving new out look on life. Along with these, negative forces like greed for money and material wealth, selfishness, corruption and inhuman violence have eroded the edifice of the value structure of the past. If this global trend is not stopped, mankind would be doomed to destroy itself with the powerful weapons created by science and technology. The only solution to prevent such a catastrophe lies in education.Value education should be corner stone of the educational system. The common core values which uplift the human rights have to be meaningfully transmitted with the help of educational delivery system.

The strategic plan for such educational delivery has to be sensed, formulated and practiced by the pupil teachers, because, they are the future practitioners of the meaningful educational delivery system. As such the teacher educators should concentrate on meaningful instructional work based on value based content and ICT based communication. This only can save the human being from further destruction.

My best wishes to the Principal, teaching and non teaching staff and students of the college for their efforts in making the institution pioneer for quality initiatives.